About Us

For seven years I lived in a country where the cooking is not a factor of pride.
My passion for good food and the lack to find it in supermarkets, as well as the difficulty of finding it on the internet, has weighed heavily on my stay.
Driven by this necessity, after losing my job in mid-2014, I started the development of Foodgenuine, an e-commerce for the sale of food and beverages just genuine, healthy, natural and not industrial.
The website is open only to small producers, local artisans from around the world, that it is also thanks to them that their local products have made known their land worldwide.
This online store will be a help to those small company's food that have little visibility on the web.
For this reason, my main goal is to offer to all of them a series of user-friendly tools, clear and effective in order to sell their products.
Healthy and good food for everyone; "food is not filling your belly, food is health".