• Extravirgin Olive Oil Apulia 750ml

Our Extravirgin Olive Oil from Apulia is obtained from olives as the santa caterina, the peranzana, the coratina and the marina.
High quality is also denoted by the low yield of oil per quintal of crushed olives, that it's around 8-15 liters.
It's consider an organic extravirgin olive oil because in the olive groves it is not performed any type of chemical treatment if not with Bordeaux mixture (lime and copper sulfate) twice a year.
the milling is done in a few hours of collection to ensure unaltered the organoleptic characteristics and to ensure a low acidity (less than 0.50%).

Physical chemical analysis
Acidity: 0,37%  <0,8
N. peroxides meq 02/KG: 7,38  <20
K 232: 1,673  <2,5
K 270: 0,146  <0,22
delta K: -0,002  <0,1


Extravirgin olive oil

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Extravirgin Olive Oil Apulia 750ml

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