Our Pear and Apple Compote are made from the fruit cultivated on my farm, 100% natural without the addition of chemical fertilizers or other substances. from years of experience. we have turned the appreciation of nature into a unique product and detached excellence.

The Nerboruta fruit preserves are made in our food laboratory with a fine raw ingredients with the highest organoleptic and healthy value.
The production process adopted in our Nerboruta laboratory is handcrafted, manually controlled in every detail very carefully to get a high-end food product.

The percentage of fruit used in our compositions is 80%, the remaining 20% is sugar used for the preservation process.

A 100% natural product for the consumer guaranteeing taste and health.

Net product weight: 220 g.


pear 50%, apple 30%, sugar 20%

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Pear and Apple Compote

  • Net Weight: 220.00 g
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