The Peanut & Cocoa Galamella is a spreadable cream without palm oil, made by 50% of peanuts, sugar, skimmed milk powder, peanut oil and cocoa. It is a  revisiting of the American peanut butter. The peanut & cocoa Galamella  is named after its main ingredient: the peanuts. But it is a 'Made in Italy' cream . Cocoa and peanuts are a perfect combination, Peanut immediately wins for its softness and its sweetness. It is a perfect spreadable cream but it is also be used to fill cakes or to make sweet American snacks.

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g di prodotto:
Energia 598Kcal / 2504 KJ
Proteine 5,9g
Carboidrati 32g di cui zuccheri 30,9g
Grassi 49,6g di cui saturi 5,5g


peanuts (50%), zucchero, latte magro in polvere, olio di arachide, cacao, lecitina di girasole, sale

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Galamella Peanut & Cocoa Cream

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