• September: month of diet and new (or usual) begin

September: month of diet and new (or usual) begin

Always the month of September is considered the month of return to normality: the work,the daily routine, school and, last but not least, the diet. The summer is the season of excesses,of cocktails on the beach, culinary holidays with no schedules and different snacks and more accompanying us from the beach until the evening. Even those who remain in the city or in the country, among other things, is not immune to the gluttonous sin, as the copious dose of festivals that take place during the summer months, a great alternative to the holidays, and a fun low cost event. So it tastes all kinds of sweets, special pasta, cold cuts, cheese and good red wine, very good but very caloric, anything in the times not quite adequate fora good diet, lunch after 3.00 p.m and dinner after 22.00 p.m, having breakfast at lunchtime. In short, everything is cluttered, and also our metabolism is affected, so those famous kilos too, certainly will be come soon.

But September is arrived, so we have not got justifications anymore: It starts with diet.

Usually,the simple fact of waking up early, helps the metabolism, especially if we prefer to have a rich and healthy breakfast: Forget ice cream or sweets,choosing instead the milk or yogurt (possibly light and skimmed ones), coffee or tea, melba toast with jam, alternatively tea biscuits (a handful) with the seasonal fruit you like. We continue our healthy eating regime, with a mid-day snack: yogurt, or a fruit, or a pack of crackers without salt, so you do not get hungry at lunch; this may vary,the important thing is that carbohydrates do not exceed the 70 grams, that you eat plenty of vegetables (seasoned with little oil and salt) and proteins as required. In the evening it would be preferable not to eat carbohydrates,and throughout the day try to drink at least one liter and a half of water(2 could be great). To drain will help to get rid of the fluid build-up,which can cause water retention that often is the main cause of weight gain, so it is recommended to drink as much as possible, help with teas (obviously all sodas or sugars are banned, and it is advisable to use sweetener without aspartame). If we could walk at least half an hour per day, the results are guaranteed, and especially our body will benefit from it immediately, not only from an aesthetic point of view thanks to the weight loss.

Obviously the genuine products, free of preservatives, are always the best to start a good diet and lead a proper and healthy lifestyle, on Foodgenuine you will find oil or legumes, pasta and even desserts. Do not waste any more time and start now to come in fit for September, the usual tailleur must suit to a T as before the holidays, otherwise you will be forced to buy another one, so do a small sacrifice and ... have a good diet!

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