• Pros and cons of Pasta

Pros and cons of Pasta

Pasta is the unavoidable food on the everyone’s meal, mainly in Italy where it is used to eat pasta daily, and it represents the most important food of the Mediterranean diet. When you travel out of Italy it can happen that you cannot eat pasta daily, and this is a problem for the tourist’s stomach because the substitution of it with chips, hamburger and spicy food is a great change in they usually eat.

Anyway there is a great debate since ever, between many nutritionists and specialists who have got different opinions about the pasta. A part of them believes that pasta is not a good food to loose weight and that it could be eliminated from the diet, the second part thinks that nobody should erase it from the diet, never, maybe reducing the portion in order to his/him weight, that’s it. They argue that the gaining’s weight is caused by seasoning on the pasta, not the pasta in itself. The use of not-extra-virgin oil, fried, animal fat like bacon, cheese, above all if the consumption of it occurs every day, determines the weight gaining. Actually 70/80 grams of pasta, flavours with tomato sauce, an oil’s spoon and one of parmesan, is the perfect meal to eat healthy for many nutritionists and specialists. Although many diets to loose weight plan to abandon totally the pasta, choosing instead, rice, legumes o particular spelt flour pasta. There are many debates and opinions about it, but right or wrong it could be, pasta is made from the genuine ingredients ever, such as flour, water and yeast so it is difficult to think about it like a caloric or dangerous food for our health. Even thought it is better to eat balanced portions of pasta and avoiding to eat the bread too, often a wrong habit we have during our meal.

It is sure that preferring food as rice or legumes, is a good choice too, because thanks to their yeast free it is more easy to facilitate the digestion and to contrast the bloating, but substituting pasta with read meat for example, is a great mistake and a very bad choice for our health. Unfortunately there are many diets that plan the meat’s eating every day, instead of pasta, and this is a dangerous thing for us.

So it is important to have a balanced diet and to vary the food we eat. Now let’s talk about numbers, since the pasta, but we refer to carbohydrates in general, is associated to the cause of the glycemic index, for example, we take into account a reference scale equal to 100 which expresses the value of the elevation levels of blood sugar. It is calculated after taking a food containing 50 grams of carbohydrates. 50 grams of pure glucose is the reference value commonly used. Foods that break down quickly during digestion, such as rice, have the highest glycemic indexes. These foods cause a greater increase and faster levels of sugar in the blood, compared to those with the lowest glycemic indexes. The low-glycemic index foods, such as beans, break down more slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the bloodstream, and therefore aiding in digestion quickly, so they contrast weight gaining. For this reason doctors tend in all diets, or even in people with diabetes, to promote simple carbohydrates such as legumes and rice rather than pasta, bread and potatoes. For more info, check it out Eufic.org.

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