• Nature and healthy food

Nature and healthy food

The perfection of nature

Those few times, during our busy life, that we can stop and think how perfect is the nature we remain stunned.
The perfection is when everything takes place within the ecosystem without external interference due to the only living creature that goes against nature, the man.
Just thinking of the chameleon that changes color depending on the surrounding nature or the stick insect which assumes similar shapes to a stick to blend; the flowers that have specific colors, perfumes and nectar to attract bees, butterflies, moths and beetles so as to bring pollen and pollinate other flowers.
Or the butterfly owls, which defend themselves by forming with the wings a figure that looks like the face of a fearsome owl.
Remaining in the food environment, if nature is so perfect, why do we have to modify the food and do not eat healthy food?

The food to the present day

In supermarkets and grocery stores we mainly find industrial food that exalt the secondary function of food (sensorial satisfaction due to the appearance and taste) at the expense of the primary function of food, namely the supply of nutrients to the human body.
The more the food is treated, the more it becomes unhealthy and loses nutrients, fiber, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, active ingredients, vitamins and minerals.
Not to mention the raw substances that are used for processing, poor and shoddy products to maximize profit to which are added preservatives to make them last for years and food coloring to make them colorful and beautiful to see.
Let's remember that the real healthy food comes from the ground, not from the supermarket shelves.

Foodgenuine and healthy food

These represent the reasons why Foodgenuine was founded in 2015, to become a meeting point between the small food makers of healthy and real food and consumers sensitive to the maintenance of psychophysical well-being through healthy food.
The best producers for Foodgenuine are those who do not treat the raw materials with herbicides and pesticides and that made food and beverages with less processes and do not use artificial food coloring and preservatives, hydrogenated fats, flavors and sweeteners, in few words that the food is the most healthy, genuine and natural possible.
The demand for a proper nutrition, sustainable, natural and healthy food is growing and Foodgenuine loving the good food will grant that the proposed food is fresh, genuine and safe to eat.
We are increasingly looking for healthy food and that the products offered are mainly organics and give health and physical well-being.

Foodgenuine and small producers

Furthermore, the small food producers may have the visibility and market that grocery and supermarkets do not give them.
Help us to value these small producers who are the only architects of this healthy lifestyle in food and drink industry and carrying out the old values for good nutrition and genuine foods.
If they were to disappear, what will we have left to eat?


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