• Coffee craze, styles and types of Coffee

Coffee craze, styles and types of Coffee

Coffee Craze and its Styles

In a world run by caffeinated, black liquid alarm clocks, where there is a café at every European charming, tiny, street corner, sending out amazing scents of mocha and caramel wafting down the streets, it is hard to not fall in love.

Unfortunately, a love can easily and very quickly, turn into an obsession. One thing that has stood the test of time in our diets from generations back is our love for a cup of coffee in the morning. One after lunch. One in the afternoon, and if your brave or crazy enough, one after dinner.

Though each one of us usually has their preference and go to when it comes to ordering their afternoon cup of coffee, you might find that you have been missing out on a whole world of amazing other types of simple drinks that you enjoy more.

Even though you really are in a long term, committed relationship with your favourite flavour and drink type, and we know how hard it is to part with it, even for just a little bit, but maybe it’s time to keep the dating world open and see other coffees. Who knows? With a little bit of a sugar or the right type of milk, you might experience love at first sip, even when you thought you never would find love again, (well at least in a drink).

Your local barista is an expert at these, and should really know every type on this list. But let’s try and remove that lost look you get on your face momentarily while staring at the sign above the counter. Here is a list of types and coffees and a brief explanation to prepare you for your next trip to the local café.

5 Most Common Types of Coffee:

Short and black, this is the strongest little picker-upper. It is also the foundation of all the other drinks, and with just a shot of this strong caffeine-packed punch, you’ll be buzzing, unless of course, you’re already accustomed and you can easily throw back one of these before bedtime.
You can also order a Double Espresso or Doppio, which is just two of these shots.

Since we are known for our long and big coffees, (think Starbucks’ sizes of “Tall” being the smallest option), the Americano is a long black coffee, which means a shot of espresso with hot water.

This is a really popular coffee type for those who really have no idea about coffee and just want that sweet, coffee taste. This is due to the foam and chocolate normally sprinkled and placed on the top of the drink. The steamed milk gives the Cappuccino its character, and it is mixed with a shot of espresso.

Another go-to for the sweet teeth out there is a mocha. It is a combination between a hot chocolate and a cappuccino, which is the ultimate sweet treat. A dash of cocoa powder is mixed in with one espresso shot, steamed milk and even more chocolate powder on the top.

Café Latte
If you want to be fancy, the latte is for you. Possibly found with hearts and designs at the top of the drink, Café Latte is made with a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and (what gives it the design capabilities, a one-centimeter layer of micro-foam of steamed milk at the top.

Though there are loads more types, those are five of the most commonly ordered cups of coffee. You can also look into Macchiato, Corto or Ristretto, Corretto and other Italian styles for coffees around the world. You might never know what you like and each of these coffees are worth a shot—obviously, of espresso.


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