The Classic Galamella is a spreadable hazelnut cream without palm oil. The product is made of  43% of hazelnuts , cocoa, sugar, skimmed milk powder and extra virgin olive oil . It is a delicate and delicious cream that wins the first taste for its soft texture, the aroma of hazelnuts that inebriates sense of smell and its unique flavor. All the ingredients are natural, there is no addition of artificial flavors or preservatives. The classic Galamella was the first spreadable hazelnut cream of the range, proposed in various formats. Its success is caused by a healthy artisan product, that does not tell lies. You can eat this delicious cream whenever you want, at breakfast or as a snack, or when you have an uncontrollable desire of sweetness

Valori nutrizionali medi per 100g di prodotto:
Energia 538Kcal / 2242 KJ
Proteine 11,7g
Carboidrati 42,7g di cui zuccheri 41,0g
Grassi 35,6g di cui saturi 5,5g di cui monoinsaturi 27g di cui polisaturi 3g
Fibre 6,8g


hazelnut (43%), sugar, olio extravergine di oliva, latte scremato in polvere, cacao, lecitina di girasole

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Galamella Classica Hazelnut Cream

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